Sony presents its new robot puppy

The 2005 model of Sony's Aibo robot EPA/ANDY RAIN

Electronics giant Sony revealed its new pet dog robot that features artificial intelligence and an internet connection.

The white, 30-centimeter long “Aibo” robot can shake its head, wag its tail, walk, take a nap and mimic the movement and activities of a real puppy. It comes with flapping ears and its eyes can show various emotions. The robot can identify family members and map its environment.

The puppy-sized robot has built-in cameras in its nose and near its tail, sensors and microphones and internet connectivity so that the owner can play with it via smartphone. Aibo also has multiple touch-sensitive zones on the back, front and under its chin so that it can react to its owners.

Sony said that Aibo has a character of its own that it develops through interaction with people. What the robot dog learns stays stored in a cloud so its character will be preserved even in case of hardware damage.

The new Aibo feels more lifelike compared to the first robot which Sony had to kill off in 2006 due to business restructuring.

The Aibo costs $1,800 or some $3,000 for a three-year package that includes software services. It is sold only in Japan but Sony said it plans to release it overseas although no details were given.



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