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AfD-Kandidatin bei Berliner Nachwahl trotz Terrorverdachts wählbar – Buzznice.com

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AfD-Kandidatin bei Berliner Nachwahl trotz Terrorverdachts wählbar – Buzznice.com

Birgit Malsack-Winkemann, a candidate for the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, is currently in pretrial detention. However, she can still be elected in the by-election in the Berlin electoral district of Steglitz-Zehlendorf. Malsack-Winkemann is accused of being involved in planning an attempted coup against the federal government. The 2021 federal election needs to be repeated in 455 polling districts in the capital city. Malsack-Winkemann is both a direct candidate and on the state list for the AfD.

Although she was removed from office in March of last year, she is still listed as a „judge at the state court“ on the ballot. Other parties also face bizarre situations on the ballot, such as former Governing Mayor Michael Müller, who is still listed as such. There are indications that Malsack-Winkemann is not isolated within the AfD, as AfD politicians are said to have visited her during her pretrial detention. Malsack-Winkemann has been in custody since the end of 2022 and is suspected of being involved in an attempt to overthrow the political system in Germany. She was a member of an association led by entrepreneur Heinrich XIII Prince Reuß, which was arrested. According to the indictment, she allegedly used her access rights to the parliament to infiltrate individuals from the group and gather information. She was also a member of a kind of shadow government within the organization.

Malsack-Winkemann is running for the AfD again, as the by-election must have the same candidates as the 2021 federal election. Politicians from other parties warn against Malsack-Winkemann and the AfD, describing them as non-democratic and dangerous.

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