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Demenz erkennen: Sechs frühe Symptome deuten darauf hin

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Demenz erkennen: Sechs frühe Symptome deuten darauf hin

Demens is a condition that develops at different speeds in each affected individual. The risk of developing dementia increases with age and can also be influenced by genetic predisposition and life circumstances. There are six early symptoms that affected individuals and their families should watch out for, including behavioral changes and aggressive reactions. In Germany, over 1.8 million people are affected by the incurable Alzheimer’s disease. Sudden memory problems, frequent repetition of questions, and difficulty retaining information can be signs of dementia. Depending on the form of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s or vascular dementia, the symptoms can vary. These symptoms include memory gaps, difficulties with familiar tasks, problems with planning and problem-solving, writing and speech problems, loss of objects, orientation and time problems, difficulties with decision-making, and social withdrawal. An exchange with the general practitioner and, if necessary, a specialist is important for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Early signs of dementia can include memory gaps, speech problems, difficulty with abstract and logical thinking, and mood swings.

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