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Veeso: first VR headset capable of tracking facial expressions

EPA / Mike Nelson

Campaign for raising $80,000 for the first virtual reality (VR) headset with built-in face tracking technology, Veeso, was launched on Monday and will run until August 19. In case it reaches the target, the product will be developed and hopefully delivered in December 2016. The campaign, launched on Kickstarter, emphasizes the possibilities of finally being able to capture facial expressions and emotions, and transferring them into VR.

Some existing VR headsets have the ability to track movement, body position, head position and location, but can’t determine where your eyes are looking or whether you are smiling or frowning. Some headset makers have solved this by using audio in order to connect the avatar with the actual person but the solution needs improvement.

Veeso has tracking cameras and infrared eye-tracking sensors, which will record people’s expressions and emotions and move them in real time to a digital place. When the data is recorded, it’s transferred to the mobile phone using Bluetooth, and afterwards into the 3D avatar. The headset is compatible with iOS and Android.

Second phase is expected to begin after the hoped success of the Kickstarter campaign and should include software and hardware testing, as well as choosing the right manufacturer and delivery.

The idea behind the VR headset is finally finding out how we feel in the virtual reality.

The new headset will offer the possibility of becoming a character in your favourite game, which will show your facial expression at different moments in the game, as well as allow you to chat with friends and other people through various social networks, and determine the level of emotions in the virtual reality, for example, whether you are stressed or tired.

The team responsible for Veeso announced a deal with the European School of Economics where VR courses will be offered at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


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