Artificial Intelligence

UK unveils AI program to detect ISIS propaganda

United Kingdom’s Home Office unveiled an artificial intelligence program aimed at detecting online propaganda made by the Islamic State (ISIS). Developed in cooperation with ASI Data Science, the program is able to automatically detect 94% of ISIS propaganda with 99.995% accuracy, according to the statement.

The department stated the tool can be used by any platform and is “integrated into the upload process” so that most of the content is stopped before it goes online. The technology behind it uses advanced machine learning to analyze a video and determine whether it is propaganda. The program will be shared with smaller companies which have not developed their own ways of combating such online content.

“The purpose of these videos is to incite violence in our communities, recruit people to their cause, and attempt to spread fear in our society. We know that automatic technology like this, can heavily disrupt the terrorists’ actions, as well as prevent people from ever being exposed to these horrific images,” said Home Secretary Amber Rudd (pictured).


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