Uber takes to air for flying taxi adventure


Uber wants to push the sky away with plans to test flying cars by 2020, in an attempt to provide the on-demand services of “vertical take-off and landing vehicles”, the company announced at the Elevate Summit in Dallas, struggling to divert attention from a string of scandals that rocked the company in recent months.
Although it may seem like a scene from The Fifth Element, the ride-sharing company would like to eventually ensure that its clients could just press a smartphone button and get a high speed flight from a vertiport, as the vehicles would be entirely electric and would not require a runway. The transportation company decided to address noise concerns head-on, so flying vehicles would have fixed wings and multiple small rotors, which would also make them run more efficiently.
To realize this futuristic scenario, Uber decided to hire NASA veteran Mark Moore as project leader, team up with the world’s third largest commercial jet manufacturer, Brazil’s Embraer, Virginia-based drone maker Aurora Flight Sciences, Slovenian light aircraft company Pipistrel, Texas-based light aircraft producer Mooney, and run initial trials in Dubai and Dallas-Fort Worth.
The $62.5 billion company is set to present the technology at the 2020 World Expo that will take place in Dubai.


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