Twitter to offer 24/7 news channel

As part of its effort to provide round-the-clock streaming of different kinds of contents, Twitter Inc. has teamed up with Bloomberg Media to offer a 24/7 news channel, media outlets reported on Monday.

Reports stated that, unlike previous partnerships with Bloomberg, under which Twitter included free streaming of United States presidential debates on its website, this one will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What is more interesting, the social media network will not be merely re-distributing existing content created by the financial news giant, but will instead feature original, custom-made material, sources revealed.

The new channel will also include a curated and verified mix of videos posted on Twitter by its users, reports said, although it remains unclear how this feature will look like on the website and how the content will actually be selected.

Another thing to ponder is what the financial arrangement behind this deal will look like, but neither Twitter nor Bloomberg provided any details on this, apart from announcing that the new channel will be supported by advertizing.



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