Trump’s inauguration speech: ‘America first’

EPA / Chris Kleponis

In his inauguration speech, the new US President Donald Trump promised on Friday America and the world that his administration will “determine the course” of the world “for many years to come,” TeleTrader News reported.

The 45th President of the US claimed that today’s transfer of power is not only given to Republicans from the Democratic administration, but said his administration will give the power “back to the people.”

Trump stated that American people have suffered for too long as “politicians prospered” and the wealthy benefited. He claimed that the citizens of the US suffered as factories were closed and they lost jobs, while the elite profited.

“That all changes starting right here and right now,” Trump promised.

Today’s day is the day America is returned back to its citizens, Trump said. He stressed that poverty in inner cities, rusted out factories and a dysfunctional education system must be a part of the past. He said: “This American carnage stops right now!”

The new president stated the country was robbed of prosperity by gangs, crime and drugs. He went on to say all citizens want good jobs for themselves, safe neighborhoods and good schools.

The United States has defended other nations’ borders while refusing to defend its own, spending trillions of dollars and leaving the America’s infrastructure to fall into decay, Trump said.

From now on, it will be ‘America first,’ Trump stressed.

The president talked about the closure of factories in the US and the resulting decline of wealth of the middle class, which saw its income “redistributed all over the world.” “But that is the past,” and America is now only looking to the future, the president concluded.

America will “follow two simple rules – buy American, and hire American,” Trump stated.

He emphasized that the American people will take back control. Trump stated, “We will bring back our jobs, our borders, and our dreams.” He promised to maintain good relations with the rest of the world, but stressed that America’s interests will come first. He criticized politicians in Washington for not listening to the people and concluded that “now arrives the hour of action.”


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