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Toyota, Nvidia partner on self-driving cars


Japanese Toyota and American tech company NVIDIA decided to join their forces in the field of autonomous driving. Apparently, the automaker plans to use Nvidia’s Drive PX supercomputer for its vehicles. Nvidia’s chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang stated at the GTC Conference in California that the company’s platform with a new processor named Xavier will be used to power the autonomous driving systems which is something that Tesla’s been doing since last year.

A Tesla vehicle equipped with NVIDIA Drive PX computer software and hardware  at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada (Image: EPA/MIKE NELSON)

On the other hand, Toyota’s executive general manager responded to the announcement by saying: “Toyota has worked on autonomous driving technologies for over 20 years with the aim of reducing traffic fatalities to zero as an ultimate goal, achieving smoother traffic, and providing mobility for all. Through this collaboration, we intend to accelerate the development of autonomous driving systems that are even more safe and capable.”

When it comes to autonomous vehicles, Toyota has developed two plans. The corporation wants to produce completely autonomous cars for the elderly and the disabled while it is also working on the possibility of manufacturing cars that could switch from assisting the driver to complete autonomy.

Nvidia’s has also been collaborating with Audi on improving the technologies that will enable self-driving based on its graphics processing unit technology.


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