Tech giants bet big on smart displays at CES


The media program on Monday before the official start of CES 2018 in Las Vegas revealed the latest achievements in technologies utilizing the internet of things, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, offering a glimpse of what will be presented to investors and consumers in the four days starting on January 9. This time the International Consumer Electronics Show has the slogan ‘The Future of Smart Cities’.

The Consumer Technology Association awarded the most advanced innovations set to hit the market in the year through April 2018. Displays remain one of the hottest segments, and organizers recognized Samsung’s S9, a micro LED 75-inch television set, as one of the highlights. It also built the Wall, a concept device of 146 inches it claims will be the first modular TV, also based on micro LED. The Korean electronics powerhouse’s main rival LG Electronics is showing smart OLED screens 77W8 and 65E8. LG Display also presented a flexible 65-inch prototype which functions without a backlight and rolls up like a banner from a long casing. Makers of the TV with a 4K resolution said they don’t yet plan to launch a version for consumers.

LG’s flexible 65-inch prototype rolls up from a long casing like a banner

New producer MirraViz is using DirectedPhoton technology for its flagship multiview displays, and Nvidia will demonstrate the performances of a 65-inch high-end gaming screen that HP will produce with G-Sync at 120 Hertz. Sony is counting on its XBR-77A1E to tap on demand in the mainstream.

The first in a long line of speakers, on the eve of the opening, will be Brian Krzanich, chief executive of Intel. One of the so-called supersessions will cover selfdriving cars and the future of personal transportation. The event scheduled for January 10 will bring together Ya-Qin Zhang, the president of Baidu, and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.


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