Sony Updates PlayStation 4: Pro & Slim

PlayStation 4 Pro (Sony)

The New PlayStation 4 consoles were unveiled on September 8, bringing a mid-cycle upgrade to the gaming devices and support for 4K video.


The Game Continues in 4K

PlayStation 4 Pro, which is now officially named as PS4 Pro, will come with a 1 terabyte hard disk drive (HDD) storage. It is run by CPU x86-64 AMD Jaguar octa-core chipset at 2.1GHz and a GPU 4.20 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon graphics engine.

This would give it a 1.3× faster performance than the PS4 has. It has an 8-gigabyte GDDR5 memory. In the video reproduction sense, PS4 Pro supports high-dynamic range (HDR), higher frame rates and 4K video (2160p).

However, it lacks an Ultra HD Blu-Ray player, which means it won’t be able to play 4K Blu-Ray discs. The Xbox One S from Microsoft has this ability.

Andrew House, president and global chief executive officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment, explained that PS4 games will support new versions, so users will not have to buy games they already have.

PlayStation 4 upgrade comes just in time for the release of PlayStation VR headset, and features a Netflix application to bring hundreds of hours of 4K content to users who take a rest from their games. There is also a support for YouTube, with Sony claiming it will “become the number one provider of HDR content.”

Sony claims that the new PS4 Pro works great with its virtual reality headset, doubling pixel count and creating higher frame rates and sharper imaging.

PS4 Pro comes out with price tag of $399 on November 10. Play Station 4 Slim – a slimmer and more energy-efficient version of Pro – will cost $299, and rolls out earlier, on September 15.

For those unwilling to pay more to play on PS4 Pro, a firmware update with support for HDR will arrive within a week.


Watch: PlayStation 4 Pro games clip (PlayStationEU/YouTube)


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