Artificial Intelligence

Sony creates AI joint venture with Japanese and US partners

The Japanese multinational conglomerate Sony has created a joint venture company in order to fund new research and development in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), Nikkei Asian Review reported on Tuesday. Sony Computer Science Laboratories will team up with a Japanese AI venture UEI and a startup called World Innovation Lab, which is headquartered from offices in Silicon Valley and Tokyo. The president of UEI Ryo Shimizu will act as the president of the newly established company, while Sony CSL chief executive Hiroaki Kitano is expected to serve as the chairman. The collaboration is aimed at helping the companies collect data and develop programs for artificial intelligence, the report said.

The Tokyo-based Sony is opening up to outside partners after years of independent development in the AI field, hoping to make it a stable revenue source. In 2001, the company launched a dog robot called AIBO, which is a product of its research and development in machine learning. However, other tech giants such as and Google have also increased their efforts in the field which holds a prospect of stable earnings if the companies invent ways of linking it to a user ecosystem.


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