Samsung leaks Galaxy Note 8 ahead of launch

Image source: Muhsin M. Belaal Auckburaully / Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Concept Design based on renders

Samsung is set to launch its latest addition to the Galaxy Note line on August 23 at 5 pm CET and, with only two days to go, the internet abounds with speculation on what the new phablet will look like and which features it will boast. However, eagle-eyed tech enthusiasts have spotted an “accidental” leak of the new Galaxy Note 8 on Samsung’s website and managed to verify the listing before the South Korean company took it down.

Among the biggest changes coming up for Samsung’s most advanced and most expensive power phone is, of course, its size. Rumor has it the new Note will sport the largest screen in the entire collection, just a hair bigger than Galaxy S8 Plus, with 6.4 inches. Moreover, after its predecessor literally burned and crashed due to faulty batteries, Galaxy Note 8 is expected to bring about an upgrade in that domain. It is believed the Note 8 will make use of Samsung’s new eight-point battery test, an enhanced safety checklist that was introduced with the release of Galaxy S8 and that will be used by every other Samsung phone going forward.

Other than that, the new phablet may include a physical button for the Bixby Voice app – Samsung’s challenge to Apple’s intelligent personal assistant Siri – as well as Bixby-powered earbuds. Looking at the new video released for the South Korean market below, it seems that Note 8 will also have a dual camera setup and a 12-megapixel optical and 13-megapixel telephoto sensor along with a 3x optical zoom.

In terms of looks, the new Note is expected to resemble the Galaxy S8 with the familiar narrow build and minimal bezels, potentially including two SIM card slots and almost certainly featuring the digital pen, known as stylus or S pen, that’s become a staple for the line. One thing is for sure – the Note 8 will cost a lot – maybe even as much as $900.

Among the most interesting features, Galaxy Note 8 may contain a novel “gas sensor” that works as both microphone and breathalyzer, essentially informing the owner of the phablet when they’ve had too much for the night.

The Note 8 is expected to come to stores in September and October, with the United States and South Korea most likely in the first wave.



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