Russia opens internet line to North Korea

Russian company TransTeleCom opened a new internet connection for North Korea on Saturday. The state-owned line is meant to be an addition to the China Unicom which was the only internet line out of North Korea from 2010 up to now. The existence of the new line was discovered by Dyn Research, a company which monitors internet activity around the globe.

In regards to the link, TransTeleCom (TTK) has issued the following statement, “TransTeleCom (TTK) has historically had a connection to the communication network of North Korea under the agreement with Korea Posts and Telecommunications Corp, which was signed in 2009”.

Optic fibers for the network were laid by the railway route from Vladivostok to North Korean border since the TTK is a subsidiary company of Russian Railways.

This new line makes it more difficult to cut off North Korea from the internet which the USA and the UN have used to sanction the country and against Korean hackers, especially after the Sony attack from 2014. As the North Korean defense ministry stated, they have around 6,800 cyberware specialists and this new line can make their job easier.


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