Renault reveals concept autonomous ‘robo-vehicle’


Renault unveiled EZ-GO, its so-called robo-vehicle concept, at the Geneva Motor Show. It is touted as both a car and a service, as it is electric, autonomous and allows people to hail it for a ride. In accordance with Renault’s vision of an “urban mobility ecosystem,” the company says the EZ-GO is built to connect with the infrastructure of “smart cities” of tomorrow. It is also the first of a series of concept cars focused on mobility services that will be unveiled this year, according to the statement.

EZ-GO is designed for use by individuals or small groups, could be available via an application as well as through permanent stations, and operated by private or public companies. “We designed Renault EZ-GO to be an iconic symbol for cities. This electric, autonomous concept explores the positive potential impact of shared mobility for all,” said Laurens van den Acker, Senior Vice President Corporate Design. “Visually appealing and integrated in the urban environment, it offers an unprecedented 360 degree “open window” on the city and a convivial space for people to relax and enjoy the ride.” The vehicle’s speed is limited to 50 km/h (30 mph) and it boasts level 4 autonomous driving capability, meaning it is able to manage its distance from the vehicle in front, stay in lane, change lanes and turn all by itself at a junction, the car maker explains.

While EZ-GO is currently just a concept, Renault is working with Nissan and Mitsubishi on twelve electric models. In its six-year plan revealed last year, the company announced plans to make half its cars electric or hybrid by the end of 2022, as well as to roll out its robo-taxi services.


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