Nokia to launch QWERTY smartphone

The Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia is planning to put out a smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard as it received the necessary certifications from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).  Five variants of Nokia’s new model have been added to the list of phones that received certification from Bluetooth SIG, a body that issues licenses to manufacturers for using Bluetooth technology on their devices.


The new device will try to blend smartphone features with a QWERTY keyboard and will primarily target business users.

It is not certain whether the phone will run on Android or some other operating system, as there have been rumors that Nokia might go with Kai OS on this model. This will also be the first Nokia phone to come with LTE support on faster networks. The new model will support Bluetooth 4.2+HS, according to the information published on the Bluetooth SIG website. According to a recent FCC approval document, the phone will measure 133 x 68 x 140 mm and feature a 3.3-inch display with a 480×480 resolution. It will also have dual-SIM and FM radio support.

Meanwhile, Nokia has scheduled a launch of its new high-end Android models for January 19, with the new flagship being Nokia 9 running Android Oreo out of the box.


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