Musk shows progress of The Boring Company’s tunnel system

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Inc. and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) released on his Twitter account on Saturday a picture of a tunnel dug by his side firm – The Boring Company. The tunnel is currently 500 ft long and it is planned to stretch over two miles in next three or four months. The project is intended to solve the problem of busy Los Angeles traffic.

The project functions on a simple principle, cars, and passenger pods will be leveled down from ground to the tunnel by elevator and ferried around by electronic skates at the speed of 125 mph, stopping only when needed. Musk’s future plans include not only one tunnel but a whole network of them. In essence, the project similar to his idea of Hyperloop.

Hyperloop concept was first mentioned in 2013, when Tesla founder presented a pathway which would give people the possibility of traveling at the velocity of over 700 mph in pods which are made from light materials and able to accommodate up to three people. The idea, however, was not later on developed by Elon Musk. A company called Hyperloop One already has a working prototype vehicle which is more akin to a high-speed train than Musk’s pod.


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