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Musk adds ‘neural lace’ firm citing existential risk


Readers will be able to find information about Neuralink Corp. in a week, when a long piece comes out on Wait But Why blog, Elon Musk said in a tweet after the Wall Street Journal reported on the creation of a firm that aims to enhance people’s minds with artificial intelligence. The article, quoting people familiar with the matter, says the “neural lace” technology may enable users to upload and download thoughts.

The billionaire inventor and engineer said it’s hard for him to “dedicate the time, but existential risk is too high not to.” Musk has been promoting the idea to keep people relevant and useful by integrating more closely with machines. Another one in a series of projects will apparently work on ways to connect brains with computers via electrodes.

The founder and head of Tesla and SpaceX established the firm in California and he may assume a key position, the newspaper’s portal added. Neuralink is cofounded by Max Hodak, the man behind robotic cloud laboratory Transcriptic. He has “built brain-machine interfaces for monkeys” at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina, his biography reveals.

The neuroscience endeavor may initially focus on the use of cranial computers in treating brain diseases, according to the report. For now, Neuralink is exploring options for financing, and people in charge of human resources are getting top scientists in the field on board.


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