Mobile World Congress 2017: Day 1


This year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world’s biggest smartphone showcase, saw a few impressive smartphone launches, software upgrades, and was full of innovative gadgets for the tech savvy. However, Nokia’s relaunch of its iconic model 3310, Snake included, stole the show.

The classic model first came out in 2000, but its reboot has made some slight changes – the phone is now offered in several new vibrant colors (blue, gray, yellow and red) and also features a color screen. Although the Nokia 3310 does not include advanced tech specs like the other flagship phones unveiled at the MWC, it does boast a feature not many other do – a 22-hour talk time battery life.

One of the congress’ biggest announcements was the LG G6, a smartphone the company hopes will hold up to its rival’s flagship phones – the Samsung Galaxy series. The G6 has an 18:9 screen aspect ratio that has never been seen on a smartphone before.

Samsung on the other hand revealed its Gear RV with controller virtual reality headset that is powered by Oculus. The company dropped a teaser for its next smartphone, which will most likely be called Galaxy S8, and is due to be released in March.

Californian tech giant Google announced it will be rolling out its Google Assistant software to all Android phones that operate on Marshmallow and Nougat.

Meanwhile, Alcatel’s A5 LED also launched on the opening day of the congress in Barcelona, and while the company has not enjoyed elite status among smartphone makers, it brought a peculiar innovation to the market. The A5 features an interactive LED cover that lights up when you receive notifications and can be customized to suit your heart’s desire. The vivid cover displays bright lights that might attract younger users and make them a part of the Alcatel base, which has been left behind by other smartphone companies more prone to upping the ante and investing in their technology.


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