Virtual Reality

MIT introduces wireless VR technology

Virtual reality has been increasingly gaining in popularity over the past few years. People have always been transfixed with an idea of alternative worlds and the fast pace of technological development transformed those dreams into reality. However, the existing high-tech wonders, such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, have their limitations.

The products that are currently circulating the market have been restricted by their cables that burst the illusion of virtual reality. The dependency on WI-FI and internet connection, as well as on personal computers, has also contributed towards the invasion of reality into virtual reality.

However, the great minds of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), namely the university’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), created a solution to the problem. The scientist proposed using the miniature high-frequency millimeter wave radio, the MoVR, to transmit and stream the data at much higher speed and completely wire-free. The offered technology has its own downsides such as the fact that in order to function properly, the radio needs a direct line of sight. However, the researchers managed to overcome this challenge by introducing a programmable mirror inside the device that solves the issue and enables the millimeter radio to function while moving.

This new insight into VR promises a future full of advanced gadgets that will allow users to fully immerse into another dimension, ripping all the great wonders virtual reality can provide to keep the human kind entertained.


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