Lonely Planet launches Trips app for sharing travel photos


Travel guide publisher Lonely Planet launched a new photo-sharing app for travelers wishing to show off their wanderlust pics from around the globe. The Instagram-inspired app is called Trips and offers its users the same possibilities – to share photos, “heart” them and follow profiles. Lonely Planets recommends complementing the new app with its previous one – Gudies, which offers maps, recommendations, a currency converter and history guides for several major cities in Europe, North America and Asia, and even includes tips and advice from locals.

Once you have uploaded photos to your Trips profile, the app will arrange them into a sort of travel journal, grouping together pictures from the same geographical location. Chief executive officer at Lonely Planet. Daniel Houghton, told Endgadget that the idea behind the photo-sharing app wasn’t to compete with Instagram, but rather complement it. “We don’t expect people to abandon other photo-sharing apps,” he explains and adds that he hopes users will enjoy creating their own online travel journals and sharing experiences.

“Explore every day with Trips by Lonely Planet – a beautiful, simple and intuitive way to share travel experiences,” the Lonely Planet website says of its new app and those who might lack inspiration for future trips can download it for free on iOS, while the app will be available on Android later this year.


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