Japanese startup Xenoma presents smart clothing at CES 2018


Japanese tech startup Xenoma presented its improved smart shirt at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Verge reported. After unveiling its e-skin technology last year and running a successful Kickstarter campaign, the company showcased an improved model, as well as two new prototype products, on Monday.

The e-skin uses stretchable electronics developed at the University of Tokyo and capable of analyzing movement. The collected data is transmitted to a hub located on the chest and can be sent to electronic devices via Bluetooth.

The shirt’s main purpose as shown at the CES is a motion controller in virtual reality gaming, and it was presented as such together with a running mini-game. In addition, the company is envisaging two further applications, so far at the prototype stage. One is in fitness since the e-skin could be developed to track the user’s vitals via EKG sensors or breathing by monitoring chest contractions. The other is a set of smart pajamas which can be worn by hospital patients, especially those with dementia, as reported by Endgadget. The clothes would allow the patients to move around more freely instead of being confined to their rooms. Xenoma hopes the suit will be ready for medical use by 2020 and that its price tag will not exceed $100.


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