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Intel promises 100 self-driving cars worldwide


American technological giant Intel Corporation promised to produce 100 self-driving vehicles and launch them for testing across the world by the end of 2017.  The US, Europe, and Israel will be the first to try out the new autonomous fleet as the company promises to create cars that will be able to function almost complete by themselves.

Intel vehicles with Level 4 autonomous will be ready to handle most of its driving without any human interference, meaning they will be one of the most self-sufficient cars on the market. Especially, since Level 5 remains just a theory since it implies the cars will be able to operate completely on its own.

The announcement comes just after the American tech company acquired an Israeli auto-visual firm Mobileye. Intel bought Mobileye’s self-driving vehicle technology in a deal worth $15.3 billion on Tuesday. Mobileye’s chips will help equip the cars with an “intelligent eye” which will greatly aid the navigation and provide the warnings for collision, according to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.

Meanwhile, the company is already collaborating with Mobileye and BMW on the creation of 40 self-driving vehicles that will be available for testing by the end of this year. German luxury car manufacturer agreed to provide its BMW7 model to be enhanced with Intel and Mobileye processing power and driver-assistance systems respectively.


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