Instagram introduces live video and disappearing messages features

EPA / Jason Szenes

After receiving a positive response to its Stories which launched in August, Instagram decided to add a couple of new features that will enable users to share content which will be available for a limited period.

The first new addition to the picture and video sharing app is live video. This will let Instagram users stream video clips which their followers will be able to view only if they are in the app at the time of the recording. Once the user who is posting the live video finishes filming it, the video will not be available on the app. This is a step further than Stories, which allowed Instagrammers to post photos and videos that would appear on their profiles for the following 24 hours.

The second new feature coming to Instagram is called disappearing photos and videos. This addition will enable users to send photos and videos via direct messages to their friends, but unlike the classical direct messaging feature which has been a part of the app since last year, the disappearing content will be erased from the app as soon as the person to whom it was sent sees it.

With these updates, Instagram is joining Facebook and Periscope, which already provide users with the option to live stream their videos. However, unlike Instagram, these two social media apps allow their users to view the video that was initially streamed live even after the filming has finished.


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