Huawei working on ’emotional’ AI assistant


Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei is working on developing a virtual assistant which can read human emotions and respond accordingly to them, the company told CNBC during its annual global analyst summit in Shenzhen on Friday.

According to Huawei executives, the firm got the idea to design an emotional virtual assistant from the 2013 film “Her” in which a man falls in love with his artificial intelligence assistant. Zhang claimed that a voice assistant like the one from the movie is “a dream for all the engineers.”

“We think that, in the future, all our end users wish they can interact with the system in the emotional mode,” Felix Zhang, vice president of software engineering at Huawei’s consumer business group stated. Zhang added that providing “emotional interactions” to its customers is the goal the company is working towards “in the long run” and noted Huawei plans to introduce the feature in the near future.


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