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Honda to unveil AI-powered electric car that can feel human emotions

EPA / Kimimasa Mayama

Throughout the history of the automobile, cars have managed to generate plenty of emotions in people. The Japanese carmaker Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is planning to reverse this dynamic and unveil a concept for an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered electric car that is capable of generating its own emotions.

Honda’s automated electric commuter vehicle is called the “NeuV” and the company plans to showcase its design at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month under the theme titled “Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem.” NeuV’s concept is aimed to show how the mobility experience can be transformed through the power of AI, robotics and big data to become more immersive and interactive, Honda explained on its website.

What makes this electric car different from the better-known variants from Tesla Motors, among else, is that it is equipped with AI dubbed “emotion engine,” which Honda says “creates new possibilities for human interaction and new value for customers.” The engine works by analyzing its conversations with the driver, together with other information extracted from various sensors and cameras in the car, in order to perceive the driver’s emotions. Once that is done, the car can engage in dialogue with the driver based on its own emotions.

Apart from its revolutionary human-like feature, the NeuV is small, most probably lightweight and optimized for commuters – a true “city car” that could make the future daily grind a bit more exciting.


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