Google to build new trans-Atlantic subsea cable

Google Llc announced its new trans-Atlantic subsea project cable on Tuesday, as part of the company’s global cloud infrastructure expansion. The new subsea cable, named Dunant, will be crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Virginia Beach in the United States to finish in France, on the Atlantic coast. The cable is set to start operating in late 2020.

With the project, the company aims to strengthen the busy trans-Atlantic internet route and to enhance the growth of Google Cloud, the internet giant announced on its website. The manufacturing, positioning, and physical design of the cable will be handled in partnership with TE Subsea Communications LlC.

Dunant will be Google’s fourth subsea cable, after Alpha and Beta cables, and the latest Curie cable which connects the United States and Chile. Curie made Google the first big non-telecom company to build a private intercontinental cable.


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