Google launches Clips smart camera


Google Inc. officially started selling its smart camera Google Clips for $249 on February 27. The latest AI-based device from the tech giant was announced in October last year, and can now be ordered on Google’s online store and other retail websites. The camera automatically takes pictures when it detects something its algorithm recognizes as interesting, like smiles, dance, and other spontaneous situations that can easily be missed. It has a 130-degree field of vision. The device can be worn and used to take photos manually or placed in a fixed place in the apartment.

Clips can learn what type of images or situations to photograph based on the user’s photo history. Other situations when it’s programmed to snap one or more photos could be when a child smiles in its proximity, if familiar faces are near, or even pets. The camera has the ability to capture a series of images at a rate up to 15 per second and turns them into animated GIFs. The amount of storage available is 16 GB, for offline usage. However, it does not support audio recording. The battery allows approximately 3 hours of capturing per charge, according to the manufacturer.


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