French government launches blockchain research effort

France Strategie, also known as the Commissariat-General for Strategy and Foresight, announced the formation of a working group focused on blockchain that will report to the office of France’s Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

The commission, which acts as a research and strategy development office on socioeconomic issues, said that the working group intends to examine existing blockchain implementations and explore the benefits and costs of public-sector applications of this technology. It also aims to propose potential ways for the French government to support further development of the blockchain technology.

Members of the working group come from both public and private sectors, including France’s Prudential Supervisory and Resolution Authority, Blockchain France, and DINSIC, bringing the total to almost 40 participants. The group will hold four plenary meetings starting this month until September 2017, while the final results of the effort will be delivered at the end of October.

The move is the latest sign that France is moving to support at least some applications of blockchain, building on the work already being done by the country’s central bank, which has tested prototypes centered around the technology over the past year.


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