EasyJet plc said on Wednesday it intends to back US company Wright Electric’s plans to develop an electric airplane. The airline noted it intends to use the electric battery powered plane on its short-haul flights, such as those from London to destinations in Scotland, Belgium and the Netherlands, in the future.

“We share an ambition with Wright Electric for a more sustainable aviation industry,” easyJet Chief Executive Carolyn McCall said. The two companies pointed out that the arrival of electric planes would mean a significant cut in emissions, less fuel being burned in the air, as well as a much quieter aircraft.

“Just as we have seen with the automotive industry, the aviation industry will be looking to electric technology to reduce our impact on the environment,” McCall stated.

Within the next 20 years, the firms hope to launch the electric aircraft, which could carry up to 220 passengers and would have a range of 335 miles. Wright Electric, which was established last year, stated that it plans to come up with new batteries that would be placed in the main body of the plane and would power the propellers. Meanwhile, motors of the electric aircraft would be situated in the wings, the US company added.