Dubai to introduce drone taxis this summer


Dubai’s head of Roads and Transportation Authority announced that the city plans on introducing drone taxis as early as this summer. At the World Government Summit this weekend, the transportation official said passenger drones flying around the city on predetermined routes were planned for July later this year, and test flights have already been conducted. The drones that will operate around Dubai are manufactured by the Chinese drone company Ehang.


The Ehang 184 autonomous electric drone is designed to carry one passenger of a maximum weight of 100 kilos, and fits a small suitcase as well. According to the video posted by the Roads and Transport Authority on their Youtube channel, the drone will be able to fly 40-50 km and will be remotely controlled from the command center.

The idea could help relieve traffic congestion in big cities, and represents a new development in the area of transportation technology. Especially, in such a vibrant and fast-evolving environment as Dubai. The city has grew to become a central spot for the introduction of innovative technology. The drone taxis have also been considered by other cab-hailing services such as Uber and transportation giants like Airbus. Yet, the leading industry firms have not dared to introduce their ideas to the wider public, resolving to first test the idea properly.


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