Disney reveals Pandora – Avatar-themed park


Walt Disney World opened its latest park Pandora – The World of Avatar to the general public on Saturday. The most striking part of the world of Na’vi scenery are the floating mountains shaped like inverted pyramids in the park covered with Pandoran vegetation.

The largest expansion in Walt Disney’s history inspired by James Cameron’s 2009 movie has two options for rides. One is Na’vi River Journey – dark, but not scary boat ride with no age restrictions where people can meet blue next-generation audio-animatronic Shaman of Songs. The second ride, called Flight of Passage, simulates flying on predator banshee over Pandora.

The Na’vi people cannot be seen in the park, apart from the two rides, and the 12-acre land is not focused on events from the movie, but it represents Valley of Mo’ara hundreds years after them.


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