Bitcoin rises after Google whitelists Coinbase ads

Bitcoin rose almost 5% on Monday, continuing a 30-days long rally to rise almost 15% in one month. World’s most traded cryptocurrency was up 4.55% at 8:45 pm CET, to sell for $7,734.

Meanwhile, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase’s ads reappeared on Google earlier during the day, following last week’s announcement by CEO Brian Armstrong, who stated the platform was whitelisted on Facebook. Earlier, Google unveiled a policy under which it removed ads for “unregulated or speculative financial products” including binary options, cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange markets and contracts for difference (CFDs), which came into effect in June.

Bitcoin’s spin-off currency Bitcoin Cash rose 0.61% to go for $788.81 at 8:49 pm CET, while Ethereum saw a correction of 0.86%, selling for $454.05 at 8:50 pm CET.


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