Back to basics: The Light Phone

Source: Light

Product design developer Kaiwei Tang and artist and designer Joe Hollier came up with a new concept in the modern mobile phone industry. The pair decided to break away from consumerism and the direction most technology companies are currently taking and to create something unique and minimalist – the Light Phone.

Guided by the idea that smartphones are slowly but surely overtaking people’s everyday lives, the creators decided to go back to the beginning and introduce a phone that serves only one purpose – to receive and make calls. The Light Phone has the shape and the size of a credit card, making it incredibly convenient to carry around. The gadget also has a completely minimalist design and comes in only two colors – black and white. Extremely simple to use, with the only keypad to show, the phone allows users to store up to nine numbers and displays the time.

The battery life of the new gadget is designed to last for up to three days in a standby mode. The Light Phone operates on a 2G GSM network, which assumes a $5 per month paid service. Another great feature of this device is that it allows users to transfer calls from their existing smartphones to the Light Phone through an app that can be installed on the original phone.

The Light Phone is expected to become available at the end of May 2017 in the United States. However, customers can already pre-order the new phone on the company’s website for $150.


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