Apple releases heart study app for its watch


Apple Inc. released a new app called a Heart Study app on Thursday for its watch gadget in order to help heart research. According to the company, the new app will allow Apple Watch to monitor heart function and highlight rhythmic disorders such as atrial fibrillation, which often leads to heart failure if not treated.

The customers will be presented with the opportunity to enroll in the study and have their heart rate and rhythm monitored. The users will also be able to get in touch with a doctor if any abnormality is detected.

“This might seem like a simple study, but we think this is a really special time,” said Apple’s COO Jeff Williams. He added: “Hopefully we can save a lot of lives.”

Apple aims to screen heart rate abnormalities across a wide range of people rather than to create a device that will be used for medicinal purposes. However, the tech giant noted that it intends to submit the results of the study to the US regulators.


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