Apple and GE announce partnership

American technology giant Apple and multinational conglomerate General Electric (GE) announced a partnership on Wednesday. The focus of their cooperation will be on optimizing the GE’s Predix Platform by combining it with Apple’s operating system and devices. In practice, that means that the GE’s Predix platform, a software which is used to collect and analyze data from industrial machines, will be made available for iOS on October 26 this year.

Along with that, a new development kit (SDK) and a set of industrial apps for monitoring and control of machines are also to be made. SDK will give developers the possibility to build their own applications and to use the full scope of Apple’s services. The new apps will give users new possibilities, such as monitoring the health of the equipment or tracking its performance.

GE’s 330,000 employees will be handed iPads and iPhones as a part of their standard working equipment and iMac will be offered as a computer choice. Apple, on the other hand, will offer Predix as a recommended platform for machine data analyzing.


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