Apple announces new video-capturing app

Apple Inc. has introduced a new app called Clips for capturing expressive videos that could be easily shared on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, in another attempt to become better placed in social media and stay posh among young users.

The app makes it possible for users to create vibrant collages of video clips, photos and music, which they can name using the Live Titles feature that transfers your voice into a rolling caption, available in 36 languages.

With Clips, iOS users can upload video clips that are up to 30 minutes long, and the final mash-up can run up to 60 minutes. The app accommodates special tracks to fit in videos as real soundtracks and auto-suggests friends that you could share your video with, using facial recognition.

Known for being a stickler for privacy, Apple is trying to tread a fine line between the outer and inner worlds of consumers, so videos have to be stored locally, and only then they can be uploaded in high-definition to other social and messaging apps.

However, the focus on privacy has so far thwarted Apple’s attempts to launch its own social network and fully capitalize on new products such as this one.

Clips will be available for download for iPhone 5s and later next month.


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