Artificial Intelligence

Amazon plans to make Alexa real-time translator – report Inc. is planning to give its virtual assistant Alexa a feature which would turn it into a real-time universal language translator, Yahoo Finance reported on Thursday citing sources close to the matter.

The voice-enabled assistant can already translate some words and simple phrases, but according to the report, Amazon hopes to provide it with more sophisticated translating abilities which would help users in “almost any situation.” The sources noted that the company also plans to introduce a cultural aspect to Alexa, so it would not only translate but also assist users in carrying a culturally appropriate conversation in various parts of the world. “The cross-culture, cross-language piece is going to be big for Amazon and Alexa, and it has a lot of potential,” a source claimed.

Furthermore, the report states Amazon intends to, at some point, enable its virtual assistant to translate in real-time and interpret conversations in which participants are speaking in “different languages at one setting.”


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