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Amazon and Microsoft cooperate on digital assistants

Amazon and Microsoft are working on allowing their respective digital assistants, Alexa and Cortana, to work together, the New York Times reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos first approached Microsoft chief Satya Nadella in 2016 with the idea to cooperate on the virtual assistant technology. Nadella had said that the idea “resonated” for both executives. “The personality and expertise of each one will be such that if they interoperated, the user will get more out of it,” the Microsoft CEO noted.

Although Bezos hasn’t suggested cooperation to other tech companies which have developed their personal assistants, such as Apple and Google, he claimed he would “welcome” working together with them, as well. Nadella added he hopes the Amazon-Microsoft partnership will inspire other artificial intelligence developers to cooperate in the future.

The companies are expected to officially announce the partnership later in the day and hope to let customers access Cortana through Alexa and the other way round before the end of the year.


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