Amazon buys three cryptocurrency-related domain names


Amazon Inc. renewed rumors that it is working on stepping into the cryptocurrency field after reports that it has registered three new digital currency related domains:,, So far, none of these sites is reachable. The Seattle-based e-commerce giant already owns the domain name and some rumors have circulated in September that Amazon will announce together with its third-quarter earnings report that it will start accepting bitcoin.

Another explanation for Amazon’s recent purchase could be that it is simply protecting its brand name as Amazon Pay’s Vice President Patrick Gauthier stated that Amazon had no intentions to accept cryptocurrency due to lack of demand. Apart from that statement, Amazon remained silent on the topic of accepting cryptocurrencies.

The report comes as bitcoin passed $7,000 on Thursday as it surged over 20% in the past week. The world’s most traded cryptocurrency price was supported by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s announcement that it will launch cash-settled bitcoin futures.

In the past, there have also been rumors that eBay might start accepting bitcoin, but there hasn’t been any advancement since. Last week, Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin commented that tech giants such as Apple, Google and Amazon have been unusually silent about their stance on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

“Apple seems to be largely uncaring and unaware. Google is making investments, but it’s not clear that they have lot of activity going on. Amazon, we’ve not seen that much, so we’ll see,” Lubin stated.


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