Artificial Intelligence

AI program beats humans at poker and wins $290,000

An artificial intelligence system won $290,000 during a five-day competition against six human players in China.

The program called Lengpudashi, or “cold poker master” translated from Chinese, beat a team which consisted of engineers, investors and computer scientists led by amateur poker player Yue Du. The human team took into account the way an artificial intelligence system would think and applied their knowledge about machine learning to their tactics, but still failed to beat Lengpudashi.

“People think that bluffing is very human — it turns out that’s not true. A computer can learn from experience that if it has a weak hand and it bluffs, it can make more money,” Noam Brown, Lengpudashi co-developer

The money won at the exhibition match by the poker-playing AI will go to Strategic Machine, the company founded by Tuomas Sandholm and Noam Brown from the Carnegie Mellon University who developed Lengpudashi.

This isn’t the first time the AI program won a game against human players. The previous version of the system, called Libratus, defeated four top poker players during a 20-day game in January.


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